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Perhaps the most common plumbing problem for a home in Ponca City is a clogged drain. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and septic drains all are likely to suffer at some point from a backed up pipe.

Whether it is a simple slow drain or a full emergency backed-up drain line, Drain Doctor has the expertise and the experience to overcome it most effectively.

Our trained and certified plumbers at Drain Doctor will not merely provide a drain cleaning services to clear a stopped or clogged drain. They will go beyond what is apparent to check whether any biomass is trapped in a drain or pipe, which may be beginning to smell. This is a common occurrence, particularly in kitchen sinks with a garbage disposal.

We don’t just fix the immediate problem, when we leave your home or business we want your drainage system to be in solid shape.

Our cordial and motivated plumbers in Ponca City will perform a thorough drain cleaning to eliminate the source of the smell, providing your home a chance to smell fresh and clean once more.

Drain Doctor’s technicians know that a clean drain does not end underneath the sink because the drainage eventually goes outdoors into the sewer line. Clogged drain lines and damaged pipes can occur at any location. Our teams will diagnose where the problem lies, explain its causes, and recommend the right solution/s.

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